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Ladyy Claire


Korean Makeup – Specialising in Korean makeup and hair styling, brides can look forward to being pampered with products and styles used by master MUAs in Korea. These clean, simple and natural makeup looks will leave you looking refreshed and effortlessly beautiful on your big day.

A professional bridal wedding Make-Up Artist (MUA), Claire has always had an earnest passion for makeup, allowing her to constantly explore the makeup world to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques.

Singapore Makeup Artist specializing in Korean Bridal Makeup. Ladyy Claire Makeup

Sensitive Skin – Most brides are concerned with how their skin reacts to the makeup – whether they’ll end up breaking out in pimples, rashes or itching. As someone who has sensitive skin herself, Claire goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients enjoy personally tried-and-tested, top-notch products and tools that are gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

With specialised techniques, sensitive-skin friendly products and a MUA who creates a memorable experience, bridal makeup with Claire is truly the whole package. With a dedication to continuously honing her craft, you can be sure to receive quality treatment to go with your perfect day.

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