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Do I Need A Trial?

All Ladyy Claire Makeup’s Actual Day Wedding packages come with a complimentary trial session. This trial session is important for us to get to know your needs, style, and skin, in order to deliver the highest quality end result and client satisfaction. Contact us for a non-obligatory consultation on our packages and adding-on trials to our other wedding packages.

“Can I use my trial for my PWS?”

“Can I make do without the trial?”

“I already trust your skills. Why do I still need the trial?”

These are just some of the numerous questions that we get about our trial sessions. Trials are important and we preach that all the time. Read on to find out more about what are trialsall about, and why we highly recommend it!

Trying Out Different Looks

Firstly, you do not get a full face of one look. As the name suggests, a trial is for us to try on different looks on you, so that you get to pick the one that you are ultimately satisfied with, and the one that suits you best. Most of the time, you get half a face of one look and the other half of another. This is the time for us to get to know your style and how your face is shaped, and to also get up close and personal with your skin and hair condition to style and protect in the best way possible.

Example: you may have 1 morning look + 1 night look, for every look we will tweak it slightly to make your looks completely personalised for you, by using different products and techniques.

We hope this answers why you cannot use the trial as your PWS - you do not want to use a half-and-half look on your face for your PWS! (Top up is avail if you wish to add on the look for your PWS)

For hair trials it’s more important to discuss on what kind of hair shape and style you want instead of executing out the full design on the day itself due to time constraints. Because of it, we will try out different sectioning, partings and even styles (clean or more romantic messy) to find THE one for you.

Thus, we will skip detailed preparation steps, intricacy of the hairstyle designing process such as hiding a hair tie or maintaining 100% of the frizz which will be done on the actual day itself instead.

Full Face Analysis

Our artists will give you a full face analysis on the day of your trial. This will give us a better idea on what techniques works for you and which products we can use on you to produce the best results.

By understanding your face better, we can better advise you if your desired style is suitable for you. Otherwise, we will give you suitable options that are most similar to the look you wanted, so that it matches and highlights your features.

The full face analysis allows us to advise you on the pre-wedding preparation and care for your hair and skin. Be it the specific type of products to use to get your hair and skin in the best condition for your actual day! Our artists will also pick out products that are best suited for your skin and hair concerns, leaving you with healthy hair and skin even after you remove them at the end of the day.

We also get to see if any adjustments need to be made to your hair and features that will help elevate your look. For example, an eyelid adjustment for slightly swollen-type of eyelids, adding volume to your fine and thin hair, smoothing frizzy hair before styling to achieve the best results. This also gives you and us a piece of mind that your actual day will go smoothly and will save time on figuring things out!

Aligning Expectations

Feel free to send us photo references and inspiration for the styles you want, however do set expectations as not all the styles that you see online may be achievable for your specific skin and hair condition.

At times, your desired look may not be the most optimal for your facial features and/or skin condition.

Eg 1: That Pinterest hairstyle that you have eyed on might not necessarily be achievable on our Asian hair. Many factors affect this, from thickness of hair, to length and colour. Unless you’re willing to dye your hair uber light and go for extensions if needed.

Eg 2: You may want a very natural korean makeup with very translucent and minimal makeup but your skin condition has slightly bigger pores or acne prone skin, this will limit how natural the end result can be as compared to the picture references.

Our professional artists will only give you the best advice based on our experience so do discuss carefully with your artist during the consultation and trial. But of course, the final look is entirely up to your decision!

A natural look may differentiate from person to person, which is also why the trial is so important. What is natural to us may not be natural for you, thus the intensity of the look can be customized and adjusted accordingly to the perfect one for you, which saves us time on finding the perfect look on the actual day.

We are honoured and happy when clients say that they trust us enough to make do without the complimentary trial in our AD packages, however we want to deliver the best results to you! We hope that after reading this post, you understand how important trials are and to go into it with an open mind!

Share your skin and hair concerns with your artist so that they take note of the products being used. Discuss what worked for you and what did not, and we will also be fully transparent to all the products that we will be using on you, should you want to know. We want you to feel your best and most comfortable in your final look as you will be wearing it for most of the day! 

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