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Masks For Your Wedding Day

The artists of Ladyy Claire Makeup ensure that all makeup are long-lasting and can withstand the humid temperature of Singapore. All these are done with good skin prep that are customised according to our individual client's skin type. 

Your big day is here, but you still have to follow the regulations of wearing a mask when moving from place to place. Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Here’s an overview of the different types of masks in the market and in our opinion, the best type that will minimise ruining your makeup, and your wedding look!

1. Silk

Our number one choice type of masks are definitely, silk. There are many types of silk masks, and we recommend you to go for mulberry silk for a luxe quality! After all, it IS your wedding, so why not go for the best? The best part is that you can still wear them again on other days!

Silk masks are delicate on the skin, looks classy, and are the least likely to mess up your makeup, thus making it the best choice for sensitive skin. With a diverse variety of silk masks, be it the ones with a wired nose bridge to ones without, not to mention the various colours and designs, there has to be a perfect one for you! Also, look out for customizable silk masks for weddings if you prefer something personable.

2. Cloth

An economical option, a cloth mask also comes with various designs and colours for you to choose from. However, a cloth mask will move makeup a bit more as compared to a silk mask.

Choose a cloth mask that is lightweight and breathable, as you do not want to feel hot and sweaty under it! Keep in mind the outer aesthetic as well to match it with your wedding theme.

Bobo Hasu Cloth Mask - Lead artist, Jerlyn's favourite!

3. Surgical

The most commonly used type of mask nowadays is the surgical mask. Disposable and hygienic, it can be a bit harder to find one that can match the vibe of your wedding.

We generally don’t recommend surgical masks for wedding. However, if you only need to wear it for a short period of time, there is no harm in just reaching out for a one that is available!

If you were to use a surgical mask, get one that has a good 3D shape and will not press or rub on your skin too much, to abstain from makeup eventually moving excessively.

Surgical Mask for Small Face - Our principal artist nd founder, Claire, wears this everyday!

Depending on your priorities, and the timeline of your wedding day, picking the right mask can help to elevate your look, and avoid a makeup mess after it is removed.

We understand weddings are mostly a once in a lifetime event so we recommend you to pick wisely. Definitely consider your budget, and the overall look of your wedding makeup and gown.

Also be prepared for touch ups, set aside your touch up kit (check out our Instagram to a helpful guide on it) if you don't have a makeup artist following you or a style change shortly after.

We provide follow-on services and change of makeup. Drop us a message to enquire on our services and we will recommend what is best for you. 

Ensuring that our brides look their best on their wedding day is a golden standard for our LCM team, always! :) 

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