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All about Korean Bridal Makeup!

Achieving your desired look while making sure that it is foolproof and non-damaging is Ladyy Claire Makeup artists’ top priority for all our clients. It is one of our clients’ favorite part of our entire service!

These days, a lot of brides are opting for Korean inspired makeup looks for their big day! So, today, we will be sharing more about Korean Bridal Makeup with you.

What is Korean Bridal Makeup?

"Less is more" is the new ideology for contemporary brides established by the Korean fashion and beauty impact, which is popular worldwide! While Korean Bridal Makeup all about achieving an effortlessly attractive and young appearance, it also emphasizes heavily on boosting your natural beauty with glowy, healthy skin and elegant feature highlights. So, basically looking effortlessly beautiful with very healthy looking skin without A LOT of products on your face.

Makeup by: Ladyy Claire Makeup

Korean Bridal Makeup or Korean-inspired makeup in general is all about flawless complexion with very dewy and clear skin! This Makeup style is also very natural and it makes you look young.

This is why Korean Makeup will always be a timeless look for any occasion.

Korean Vs Western Bridal Makeup

Both Makeup trends are gorgeous in their own magical ways but what makes them so different?

Right off the bat, Korean Makeup has a softer and subtle touch to it compared to Western Makeup where many prefer it to be full glam!

Makeup by: Ladyy Claire Makeup

Korean: A natural look is the current focus of Korean makeup trends. Korean makeup have dewy skin, pink/rosy hue eyelids, and delicate pink lips.

K-beauty circles around looking youthful~

Western: The latest makeup trends in the West include bold eyes framed by thick lashes, lips painted scarlet red, and highlighter that blinds you. In simple terms, the makeup matches the style - bold, fearless, and, loud

Here is a side by side visual representation of how vastly different the two looks are :

Prominent features of Korean Bridal Makeup

Healthy and radiant skin ; Koreans are particularly drawn to dewy skin, which looks radiant and healthy. They prefer a matte complexion over a shiny one. One thing to note! Dewy does not means oily. If done right, dewy skin actually helps to minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores :D The magic with dewy and radiant skin is it looks so fresh which makes you look younger!

Straight brows ; The advantage of having straight eyebrows is that they draw attention to the face. The makeup makes the face look smaller. In Korea, the ideal facial appearance is one that is small and youthful. This is because it makes you look like a more youthful version of your true self.

Puppy eyeliner ; Puppy eye liner is a more basic form of eyeliner that gives your eyes a youthful appearance. (and cuter!) Your eyes will have the effect of looking bigger, rounder and brighter.

Individual Falsies ; False eyelashes are applied bit by bit, lash by lash - not one whole strip at once. This will help the lashes to look more natural. If you have eyelash extensions, don't worry! If you are considering on getting eyelash extensions on your big day, you can check out our other blog post here!

What if I like both Western and Korean Makeup style?

Makeup by : Ladyy Claire Makeup

Taadaa! This look infuses Western and Korean style together.

(A strong gun - metal smokey eye look with dewy skin!)

Makeup by : Ladyy Claire Makeup

Glamorous Korean style makeup

Makeup by : Ladyy Claire Makeup

Peachy Brown Makeup with Strong Lip

Makeup by : Ladyy Claire Makeup

Korean Evening Makeup

If you have a specific look that you have been dreaming to achieve for your big day (or any other events) , want to know more about the services that we provide here at Ladyy Claire Makeup or have any enquires on how we can turn your vision into reality - Please leave us a message! We will be more than happy to help you~ 

Text us now, for a non - obligatory consultation!

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