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Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Lifts — Should You Get Them For Your Wedding?

Achieving your desired look while making sure that it is foolproof and non-damaging is Ladyy Claire Makeup artists’ top priority for all our clients. Our complimentary pre-appointment consultations helps us better understand and prepare for the makeover or trial and is one of our clients’ favourite part of our entire service!

A common dilemma of our brides is choosing between getting lash extensions, a lash lift or just leaving their lashes as they are. With a growing range of lash extensions and styles today, there are many to pick from to achieve your desired look. Here are our artists’ professional opinions on what to get for your wedding!


You may get extensions if you want, but choose a style that your artist prefers to work with. Our brides are welcome to directly message our artists for the style that they are comfortable with! (The detailed curvature, length and style will be shared exclusively with our LCM brides)

A 3 to 4-dimensional lash style is the most flexible style as it can match both natural and strong and bold wedding makeup. Anything more than that can be too heavy or dramatic, and anything less than that may not be visible in photos.

When in doubt, simply drop your artist a message to discuss their preferred style and recommendations for your extensions!

Lash Lift

Usually, a lash lift will be preferred as this guarantees your lashes stay up when you have false lashes on. Go for a C curl lash lift, 2-3 weeks before your big day so it has some time to relax and be more natural to make it a good balance of lifted and not overly done. D and L curl will make it difficult to apply eyeshadow and lashes, and may even affect the outcome of your desired wedding look.


Get your extensions done 3 days before the wedding so that it’s still a full set on your big day! Don’t forget to plan your schedule accordingly.


Getting lash extensions are highly recommended for brides with super sensitive and teary eyes. Having tears in your eyes during wee hours is definitely not a good start to the fay, and will cause your makeup to look dirty or messy as the eyelash glue will not be able to adhere to your eyes due to constant tearing.

If you resonate, it’s time to book your lash extensions appointment! After all, a happy bride is a beautiful bride.

If you have made the decision to get your lashes lifted or extended for your wedding, don’t forget our LCM promotion with lash technician - Lash Mojo! Exclusively for our brides, simply quote us “Ladyy Claire Makeup” for 10% off Lash Mojo’s services. Our trusted lash technician will beautify your lashes and care for them!

Not a fan of getting lash extensions or lash lifts? Not to worry, our makeovers are all fully catered to you. Your lashes will still be manually curled by us, and chosen lashes will be applied accordingly to your desired look. Contact us today for a non-obligatory consultation! 

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