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Singapore Brides' Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations and Tips!

Achieving your desired look while making sure that it is foolproof and non-damaging is Ladyy Claire Makeup artists’ top priority for all our clients. It is one of our clients’ favorite part of our entire service

Pre-wedding shoots are one of the many wedding plans that have been impacted by COVID-19!

With couples being pushed to postpone or cancel their destination pre-wedding picture sessions due to extended travel bans, photographers are getting increasingly inventive in locating special places in Singapore.

Even though Singapore is a tiny red dot, with a little exploration and a spirit of adventure, it can be a breathtaking background for your love story.

Ready to be inspired? Let’s go!

1. Jewel, Changi Airport

Bride O, Photographer : @DepthOfTales

Bride S, Photographer : @DepthOfTales

It is easy to understand why Jewel is a classic choice amongst Singaporean photographers with the dazzling natural light flooding in from the facets of its jeweled glass roof and the dreamy rainbow-catching spray from the rain vortex!

Tips for visiting Jewel:

  1. Check the rain vortex timings here before you go to get that perfect city in the garden shot~

  2. Arrive at the earliest possible timing to maximize your chances of not getting photobombed!

2. Coney Island

Bride HX, Photographer: @lumafilmsg

Bride K, Photographer : @Maxilited

With its misty pine forests and desolate beaches, Coney Island has always been the go-to location for picture shoots featuring stunning natural settings that are overseas-like. Psst, slow down on the stroll before Coney Island and you will arrive at Punggol Beach - It is essentially a 2 in 1 location!

Tips for visiting Coney Island:

  1. Check the weather forecast beforehand and have a wet weather plan just in case it rains as Singapore’s weather is quite unpredictable at times.

  2. As Singapore is extremely humid, even more so in forested areas, we recommend brides to don on an updo hairstyle!

  3. Wild monkeys are everywhere so remember not to bring any food to avoid getting chased by one!

  4. Mosquito repellents are your best friend here so don’t forget them.

3. Canterbury Road

Bride WY, Photographer: @Ningphotography

Bride S, Photographer : @ThePerfectStatement

An amazing site for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore, with wide-ranging vistas of grassland and beautiful wood-land! Also, any open field at dawn is an exquisite backdrop for photography!

Tips for visiting Canterbury Road:

  1. Bring an umbrella and apply sunblock as there are no shades at all!

  2. Remember your water bottle(s) as well to stay hydrated.

4. East Coast Park

Bride Q, Photographer: @DepthofTales

Bride B, Photographer : @DepthofTales

In addition to being a magnificent backdrop for beach photography, East Coast Park is a kaleidoscope of colors especially in the spring months of April and May when the bougainvillea gardens are flowering. You have a choice of different outdoor pre-wedding photography backgrounds, such as the breakwaters and forests of towering trees.

Tips for visiting East Coast Park:

  1. To capture an out of Singapore kind of look, visit during the timings where the tides are low to take pictures on the breakwaters!

  2. Baby powder gets rid of sand fast so it will be smart to bring a small bottle.

5. Upper Peirce Reservoir

Bride PX, Photographer: @Notpixelated

Bride G, Photographer : @TitusLimPhotography

The Upper Peirce Reservoir provides an absolutely beautiful setting for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Couples looking for a peaceful location with a variety of landscapes will find it to be the ideal choice thanks to the reflection of the lush flora in the large body of water. To fully enjoy the peace and wonderful morning light, visit the park early during sunrise.

Tips for visiting Upper Peirce Reservoir:

  1. Bring slippers - the path to visit the picturesque place has a steep and narrow slippery slope and we do not recommend you to do it in high heels!

  2. Again, Mosquito repellent will be your best friend here~

6. Gardens By The Bay

Bride S

Simply magnificent, a multi-leveled display of lush florals. Your photograph will be enhanced by the misty halo that surrounds the entire dome, which also lends a sense of mystery and beauty. It's also fully air-conditioned, so you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while avoiding Singapore's blistering heat and humidity and staying cool indoors. This makes doing your pre-wedding photoshoot here much much better!

Tips for visiting Gardens By The Bay:

  1. Contact Gardens By The Bay to get permission and approval to conduct your pre-wedding shoots in their domes.

  2. Replies can be slow at times so we recommend you to send an email a few months prior to avoid disappointment.

7. Fort Canning aka Little Bali

Bride S, Photographer: @MarkWongPhotography

E&S, Photographer : @Amare.pixels

For photoshoots, Fort Canning Park offers the necessary grandeur and intrigue. Despite the abundance of attractive spots, the one with the spectacular spiral staircase is unquestionably the most popular spot.

Tips for visiting Fort Canning:

  1. Have a wet weather back up plan as there are not a lot of spots with shelter.

  2. Bring a change of shoes - Fort Canning requires a fair amount of walking up hills.

8. JooChiat Shophouses

Bride E, Photographer : @Markwongphotography

While shophouses can be found all across Joo Chiat, Koon Seng Road has the most unique shophouses - colorful shophouses! Other than Koon Seng Road, Joo Chiat has more than one row of vibrant shophouses and your surroundings will change from Retro to Vintage as you walk along the stretch of road into Tiong Bahru estate!

Tips for visiting Joo Chiat Shophouses:

  1. Keep the volume down as those are actual residential areas!

  2. The shophouses are close to the road so make sure to take extra precautions.

9. Rail Corridor

Not only is the rail corridor popular for Pre-wedding shoots, it is also popular for Instagram photos! The Rail Corridor provides your wedding photography a romantic vibe complimented by the lush vegetation around it giving it a picturesque feel. Who would have thought that Singapore has a gem like this?

Tips for visiting the Rail Corridor:

  1. Unfortunately, the picturesque part of the rail corridor does not stretch very long so, don’t expect it to be like train tracks in movies!

  2. Keep in mind that it is an open space with a long walk to the carpark so be reminded to do a quick weather check.

10. National Gallery

Bride W, Photographer : @DepthofTales

Extremely popular spot for PWS! The grand National Gallery in Singapore, with a charming English character, is the ideal location for couples who adore European architecture because of its high ceilings.

Tips for visiting National Gallery:

  1. Be prepared to do style change outside of the gallery itself or liaise with your coordinator prior for the style change place as national gallery café does not allow couples to use the plugs or do make-up within their premises.

  2. Contact the National Gallery in advance as there are only 6 slots available for photoshoot daily!

Feeling the urge to travel? Become a tourist in your own country, get ready for an adventure, and explore these gorgeous shooting spots in Singapore with your significant other!

Beautiful places that don’t resemble our lion city are hidden all around the island, including rocky beaches, foggy forests, and forests with pale sunlight. Singapore also has industrial warehouses and nostalgically colorful shophouses if urban settings are more your style. 

Text us now, for a non - obligatory consultation! Instagram : @ladyyclairemakeup Whatsapp : +65 97277096 Email :

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