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A Singapore Makeup Artist’s Secret: Mask Recommendations for Sensitive Skinned Brides

Ladyy Claire Makeup always preps clients’ skin with the proper skincare for our sensitive skinned brides. The skincare products used are all tried and tested by Ladyy Claire herself, who also has sensitive skin. This is to ensure that it is suitable for sensitive skinned brides and be able to prep the skin well for excellent makeup application. 

Applying facial masks every day is essential if you want good skin consistently, especially on one of the most important days of your life: your big day!

“I can’t mask everyday, I’ll have breakouts and my skin will itch like mad!” — Every sensitive skinned bridal client ever.

Thus, it is also extremely important for people with sensitive skin to pick the right masks for daily application.

Today, we are thrilled to share with you our top picks for masks that are amazing for daily use.

Think hydrating, soothing, and most importantly, tried and tested by our founder, Ladyy Claire, to be suitable for sensitive skinned ladies like herself! These masks can be found easily from Shopee, Olive Young, Guardian, and Watsons.

1. Illiyoon’s Ceramide Ato Moisture Barrier Sheet Mask

The light cream texture of this mask makes it very soothing for extremely sensitive skin. Those with easily aggravated skin can try this, it calms the skin and hydrates it at the same time. We have used this mask on highly reactive skinned bridal clients and even skin with dry patches and eczema and our clients loved it.

2. Etude House 0.2mm Sheet Mask

This range of masks comes in various ingredients, your best bet for sensitive skin are Rose, Rice, Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, and Cica. These ingredients are the best for sensitive skin, they are gentle on the skin, hydrates, and provides a brightening effect. If you’re looking for a no-frill mask to throw on daily, you can stop your search now!

3. Round Lab 1025 Water Gel Sheet Mask

If budget is of no constraint, this is the mask to get. This sheet mask is nothing less than quality, it adheres and fits onto your skin like silk, almost like a second skin layer. This mask is perfect for ladies who have oily-combination skin that prefer a lighter weight texture as the watery essence in this mask is encompassed by a plush gel sheet to deliver all the right ingredients for sensitive skinned ladies just like you and me.

4. ABIB Gummy Sheet Mask Heartleaf Sticker

Once this sheet mask is applied onto your skin, you will enjoy the immediate cooling effect as all the goodness absorbs into your skin. This is great for brides with skin that flushes and turns red easily as the nature of the mask helps to keep your skin cool and temperature-balanced to help makeup glide and stick on your skin well. Also, the brightening effect can be seen immediately upon removing the mask.

5. I’M From Mugwort Mask

This mask comes in a tub and is highly recommended if you have recently aggravated your skin or have popped a pimple by accident, this mask will help calm your skin and reduce redness. Worked extremely well for our brides with acne prone skin that has pore clogging and inflammation tendencies.

We hope these mask recommendations give our sensitive skinned brides some hope that we too, have mask options for daily use. The road to clear skin and beautiful makeup application starts with masking, so don’t forget to hydrate yourselves and mask daily if you want to glow on your big day!

Ladyy Claire Makeup always reminds our clients to mask daily especially prior to their bridal makeover day. By doing this, brides get to enjoy their beautiful bridal makeup that is lasting for long days. It also adds a natural glow to your skin despite having makeup over it! This will also help our sensitive skinned brides maintain their beautiful skin as it is our top priority during bridal makeovers to make sure your skin remains healthy and in tip top shape. 

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