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Finding the Perfect Bridal Nails

Achieving your desired look while making sure that it is foolproof and non-damaging is Ladyy Claire Makeup artists’ top priority for all our clients. It is one of our clients’ favorite part of our entire service!

You've got the dress, the veil, the venue — and the partner, of course. But what type of manicure should you choose? The nails are an important and crucial part, especially taking that “I DO” picture while wearing your ring and holding the bouquet. Today, we are going to talk about the steps to picking out the perfect bridal nails. Along with some nail technicians recommended by LadyyClaire!

Nail shapes! Did you know that there are more than 20 types of nail shapes? We will be sharing seven of the most popular types of nails.

Almond: A very popular choice of shape! Similar to oval nails, the shape of the nail is shaped with a round peak - like an almond. This look can be achieved with natural grown out nails.

Ballerina: Shaped just like a ballerina's shoes, this shape is a calmer and softer version of the stiletto nails. It has a square-like shape at the tip instead it being sharp and pointy. This is a definite go to if you want to have long acrylics to fit more embellishments!

Stiletto: This shape is for those going for a stronger image. The tips of the nail are filed down to a very pointed tip. This look is usually done with acrylic.

Square: Modernity on a nail! Safe choice for brides that do not like long nails as this shape suits short nails best. The shape can be easily achieved with your natural nails.

Squoval: Stuck between choosing the ‘Round’ and ‘Square’ shape? Squoval, just like its name, is a fusion between Oval and Square nails. The Squoval nail shape is the current go to for natural look but still letting everyone know that you have manicured nails!

Round: A classic! A favorite for those that prefers short nails. This shape will make your fingers look slimmer and longer. It can also be achieved with your natural nail by filing the tip like a circle.

Oval: The crowd’s favorite for natural looking nails! To achieve this look, the shape is gently filed in on the sides to elongate the nail, and it can give the illusion of making your finger look longer

The tips of the nail are filed just like a semicircle. This shape can be achieved with your natural nails but remember to grow them out slightly.

Color! There are so many pretty colors to choose from, where do you even begin? Here are some of the colors brides commonly paint on for a more timeless look.

Classic wedding white: The classic wedding white tone screams "bridal" like nothing else. A gentle white nail paint pattern is effortless and instantly chic.

Neutral Nudes: The majority of brides opt for neutral wedding manicures because they are the most conventional approach that works with all bridal themes.

Blush: Not into neutral shades? A light pink pastel tone with milky white undertones is a popular choice for bridal nails!

Romantic Red:

This one is for the daring brides. For a romantic

mood, use saturated red colors ranging from blazing scarlet to deep burgundy. Simply choose a color that complements your bridal outfit, wedding theme.

Ombre: With a beautiful ombre design, you can upgrade your simple manicure. It is an elegant and modern take on a traditional bridal manicure, and it looks exceptionally stunning with lace accents.

Glitter: If you are one of the bolder ones, glitter polishes are the way to go!

For a look like this, just let the nail polish do all the talking, no nail arts are needed. Be adventurous to really try all the available glitter shades as no matter what color you end up with, the sparkles will draw attention to your manicure.

Nail Art ! We recommend keeping things simple and not going overboard. While you want your photographs to be perennial, simple designs will do the trick!

Crystals: The only dazzle does not have to be on your ring finger! Crystal embellishments are fun and they create a 3-dimensional effect. Having crystals glued onto your nail also adds a more princess appeal to your overall look! Not only that, they go well with almost every pastel shade

Lace: White lace nail designs are popular amongst brides. White nail art inspired by lace will give you an elegant look with a touch of sophistication. If you prefer a more realistic look, you can opt for a real lace to be cut up and glued onto your nail. To achieve a more complete set, add in small diamonds, ribbons or some glitter!

Nail design from Di'Own Beauty

Florals: You can never go wrong with florals! They can be paired easily with bold nail colors for a statement look or neutral/nude tones for a more dainty vibe. To up a level and make the design uniquely yours, you can request for tiny cut up pieces of your already selected wedding bouquet flowers to be pressed-dried and stick it on to your nail as the nail art. Don’t forget to add in some gold flakes for a bit of glimmer.

French Tip: There are so many different ways to style and design a french tip nail. The traditional french tip manicure will never go out of style simply because it is gives off a really clean and sophisticated finish. You can easily request to stick on unique embellishments or draw on some white, pink or gold lines.

Here are two manicurists that our founder, Ladyy Claire recommends! also known as Base Nails is founded by Taiwanese nail artist, Irene. Irene has been Ladyy Claire's go to manicurist for classy and exquisite nail arts. We highly recommend Irene for our LCM brides who are looking to get their nails done for their big day!

Besides, Base Nails are one of our partners at Ladyy Claire Makeup.

Remember to quote "Ladyyclairemakeup"* for 10% off their nails services!

Known for providing a wide selection of customizable options of nail shapes and designs. Di'Own Beauty Nail's portfolio of numerous nail arts on their Instagram account definitely speaks for itself.

There are a plethora of wedding designs for nails to choose from that are pertinent to every bride and wedding style. Ranging from classy to traditional weddings, There will be the right design for every single bride. With that being said, We are certain you have an idea in your mind right now so It's now time to book your appointments!

To finish off your look, our makeovers are will be fully catered and customized to you. Contact us today for a non-obligatory consultation!

*Only for LCM brides

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