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Makeup Artist Recommends: Best Hair Colours for Singapore Brides

Ladyy Claire Makeup has worked with many esteemed clients and has great experience and knowledge in Korean bridal hairstyles, on top of Korean bridal makeup. Every bride's hair condition and needs vary, and we will entail all types of hair to get your dream hairstyle perfect for your big day!

Coco Chanel once said "The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you", and we couldn't agree more!

Finding your dream hairstyle is just the beginning of your Korean bridal makeover, and adding colour to your hair will elevate your chosen hairstyle and make it uniquely YOU!

Don't worry if you have a strict job that does not allow brightly coloured hair, for we have ideas for toned-down hair colours that will work perfectly as well.

Ladyy Claire Makeup has also paired up with Ailee of Air Salon to give you a discount when you get your hair done by her before your makeover! Specializing in Korean-styled haircuts, Korean hairstylist Ailee has been Ladyy Claire's go-to for all her hair needs! You'll be in safe hands with Ailee! Simply quote us, Ladyy Claire Makeup when you book an appointment with Ailee, and enjoy 10% off your bill.

Now, keep scrolling to find your next inspiration - and picking the right colours for your mane!


While au naturale, black hair, has its own charms, hairstyles with intricate twists and braids become significantly more obvious with highlights and colours are added in.

Even the most subtle shades of brown add more depth and dimension to your bridal hairstyle.

Introducing to you the popular colours that you absolutely cannot go wrong with - milk tea brown, honey brown, and chocolate brown!

Chocolate Brown

For our corporate brides that prefer a more professional colour palette, the classic chocolate brown is a great choice to make your hairstyle stand out. Giving you the illusion of fuller and thicker locks, this chocolate brown is a classic and universal color, fitting for all skin tones and ages!

Milk Tea Brown

For something between brown and blonde, milk tea brown is the one you're looking for. This chic, cream colour is neither too warm nor too cool, and is perfect for brides that want to bring out their golden undertones!

Honey Brown

This warm golden colour, popularized as honey brown, is the one to go for if you're looking for something bright and youthful. Adding life and dimensions to your hair, the honey brown best flatters warm skin toned brides!


A cult favourite colour if you're one of tradition - Red. This striking and vibrant colour matches perfectly with the traditional red cheongsam. Ranging from burgundy red to maroon red, you will definitely find one that matches your skin tone, personality and lifestyle!

Ash Gray

This smoky and unique colour has definitely risen in popularity through the years. The ash gray colour is a neutral to cool colour, and fits most complexions, hair types, and textures depending on your stylists’ blend. When braided, the ash gray colour alludes dreamy and whimsical vibes, and also gives your hairstyle just the right touch of a cool vibe!


You know what they say, blondes have more fun! Blonde hair is always a surprise to work with, you never know what you'll get from the different tones of blonde, intensity, and shades. This colour is the best to play around with hairstyles, as light hits differently on different streaks of blonde. While you're blonde, don't forget to wash your hair with purple shampoo and conditioner to keep it from turning yellow before your Korean bridal makeover!

Highlights and Babylights

For those that want to go the extra mile - opt for additional highlights on top of just single colours to make your hairstyle pop! Our black-haired brides with professional jobs can opt for caramel babylights, it is subtle when let down, but the highlights show up beautifully when braided up!

Bonus: Hair Cut

We strongly encourage brides to request for a slight tapered V-shaped cut, especially if you want the Classic Let Down style for your big day! This hairstyle will also allow the artist to bring your hair up into a perfect updo with good shape easily.

It also gives curls & waves more dimensions and will look great from every angle! However, refrain from layering your hair as it will be harder to create volume to your hair and will be frizzy and unkempt when dealing with hairstyles.

The ideal hair for creating hairstyles, full of volume and texture, would be coarse, rather than overly smooth hair. As unbelievable as it sounds, it will help tremendously in getting your hairstyle to last the entire day amidst your sweat and tears!

Curtain bangs have also been a cult favourite due to its ability to naturally add volume and flow to the hair, all while contouring the face to give it a more youthful, and demure look!

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Curtain bangs are not the same as regular bangs, as they are not that short, and can be easily tied up along with the rest of your hair.

This is one fringe style that we always recommend our brides to cut :)

If there is still a long way to go before D-day, you can go for the high ponytail or side braid by growing out your mane! Take good care of it and get the length that you need to perfect your dream hairstyle!

We hope you feel motivated to give the salon a visit before your Korean bridal makeover and make the most out of it!

Our brides' satisfaction is our top priority and we want every bride to leave their makeover feeling like a queen.

Pudding hair, or coloured hair with untouched black roots can ruin the beautiful image of your hairstyle, and we do not want you to regret not having touched up your roots before your makeover!

Even if you are not up for a new colour, get those roots touched up to even out your hair colour, and give it a good trim. There's no better occasion to pamper yourself than your big day!

Consult with your hairstylist on the suitable colour, shades, and cut for your hair before making any big decisions. Additionally, you may seek advice from us through our complimentary consultation call, prior to the makeover day. Rest assured that we at Ladyy Claire Makeup want you to look good and feel good, and will only give recommendations based on what we truly think is best for our brides!
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