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How To Cleanse Your Face After a Bridal Makeover?

Ladyy Claire Makeup specializes in Korean Bridal Makeovers for sensitive skinned brides, thus, products used are all tried and tested by Ladyy Claire herself, before using them on our beautiful brides. We pride ourselves on bridal makeovers that are healthy for your skin and still produce a look that is to your liking. 

Professional Bridal Makeovers are intense, your daily makeup may not be comparable to the amount of makeup that is used in your makeover. Ladyy Claire Makeup uses waterproof, sweatproof and oil proof makeup on all clients to ensure longevity for our brides. Thus, removing all that makeup completely is extremely important, especially since many of our bridal clients are sensitive skinned.

Failure to remove makeup completely can cause clogging and inflammation which will lead to more problems in the future. So here are the tips to removing makeup safely, and completely.

Cleansing is the most important step before you begin your usual skincare routine. Using gentle and effective cleansers are vital to maintaining good skin condition.

The recommended method for cleansing after intense bridal makeovers would be the Double Cleansing Method.

Firstly, go in with an oil cleanser. A recommended oil cleanser would be the MUJI Oil Cleanser. These can be found in any MUJI stores. Pump the oil cleanser out and give it a good massage into your skin. After the gentle massage, emulsify with water, then cleanly wash off all residue. This helps to remove the oil proof, waterproof and sweatproof makeup that was used on your face.

Next, use a gel, or a gentle foam cleanser. Acwell, Soon Jung and Cosrx are our top picks for gel and gentle foam cleansers for sensitive skin. This is to make sure all makeup has been completely removed, leaving your face clean and ready to absorb the goodness from your skincare products.

Many of our bridal clients will tend to overlook the importance of having a trusty and effective cleanser because “as long as it removes impurities, it’s good.” But trust us, there’s more to it than just that :)

A good cleanser, apart from being able to remove impurities effortlessly, should not strip the skin, harm the skin barrier and throw the PH balance off. Otherwise, the rest of your skincare will just be trying to repair the damage that your cleanser has brought upon your beautiful skin.

We hope that you have found this useful, and have learned the importance of cleansing your skin well, and with gentle cleansers. Our skin condition is the most important when it comes to applying makeup evenly and allowing for it to be long lasting. So never skip out on skincare! Last but not least, do not forget to finish off with a facial mask 😊

Ladyy Claire Makeup always ensures that brides are well-informed on the products used and to leave it to us to take care of your sensitive skin during our bridal makeovers. If there are any concerns on aftercare, feel free to ask us any questions during your makeover or after. Ladyy Claire Makeup assures that your makeup looks and skincare needs are met through a consultation call that will be scheduled with you, prior to your bridal makeover appointment. 

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