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Singapore Brides' Top 7 Favourite Korean Bridal Hairstyles

At Ladyy Claire Makeup, we pride ourselves to be updated with the latest Korean style trends be it makeup or hair. Check out our other blogposts for more beauty tips as well!

There’s nothing like beautifully done hair that makes you feel confident and beautiful on one of the most important days of your life. Hair is important for framing and contouring the face to allow a softer vibe from the frontal view. Let us help you find the best style for your big day!

With our extensive knowledge and experience on the Korean bridal look, we know all there is to look put together, yet effortless; a made-up version of your natural self for your wedding. We have compiled all your favourite bridal hairstyles and the many ways you can wear them to match you best.

1. Half Updo

The half updo is a crowd favourite, hands down. The versatility and endless possibilities of this dreamy hairstyle are what attracts most brides to it. It can look messy, boho-chic all the way to clean and polished. This look suits a wide myriad of events from informal to formal and thus, named the most popular bridal hairstyle of 2021. Presenting to you our queen, the braided messy romantic half updo.

2. Classic Let Down

Clean, understated, and timeless. This look is a classic Korean brides’ go-to, especially with dark, black hair. Do not be fooled by its seemingly simplicity, this takes a lot of time and patience to create the shape and to contour your face with the curvature of the hairstyle. Dress it up or down with classy accessories or fresh flowers to complete the look. Think: your hair, but better!

3. Low Braided Ponytail

There are many ways to curate a low ponytail but our brides’ top pick is the sweet romantic braided low ponytail that never goes out of style! This intricate hairstyle gives the illusion of longer hair and gives off a youthful and endearing vibe. Add a touch of blooms to give it a feminine touch.

4. High Twisted Ponytail

Calling all long-haired brides! Show off your long hair, and elongate your neck with a chic, high twisted ponytail. To create volume, textures are added to the ponytail using braids and twists. This is perfect for brides that prefer a cooler and more sophisticated hairstyle as compared to a sweet look. We also recommend adding fresh flowers to complete your Korean bridal hairstyle!

5. High Bun

A princess high bun is a brides’ best friend. The high bun lifts your facial features, and adds an innocent touch to the entire styling and makes you look simply dreamy.

Romantic and braided, complemented with fresh flowers or timeless accessories, are the sought after High Bun style at Ladyy Claire Makeup.

Lasting the test of time, this Korean style high bun will stay youthful and sweet looking, a popular choice for good reason!

6. Low Bun

Keeping it sophisticated and classy, go for a low bun for all of the important formalities. A beautiful back-detailed gown calls for a low bun to show it off! This classic oldie but a goodie gives a slightly more mature look as compared to the other styles, but this look is definitely elegance-guaranteed. Carefully parted strands of hair frames and contours your face, making you look picture perfect from every angle with this beautiful hairstyle!

7. C-curl

For the short to medium length hair brides, we didn’t forget you! Here's an awesome choice for a classic clean and polished look. The c-curl is great for adding volume and contours to the face, making your face look smaller and slimmer. Okay… sign me up! If you're not into the usual waves and curls, or that you find that those styles age you, this minimalistic elegant look is the one for you.

We highly recommend brides go the extra mile and visit the salon to add some colour to your hair prior to your wedding day (you can also DIY if you are confident!). The colour of your hair makes a HUGE difference - Just look at these two half updo looks below, each with a different hair colour. Worlds apart right? I know!

In the next post, we will be sharing hair colors that are suitable for brides and complements the hairstyling well.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your preferred bridal hairstyle and just remember, your hair is the crown that you never take off, so invest in a makeup artist that is experienced and well-versed to create the hairstyle of your dreams on your big day! :)

All of Ladyy Claire Makeup's clients are entitled to a free consultation call to discuss preferences and suitability of looks that they are going for, and our esteemed artists provide best recommendations to you. Actual Day packages also come with a trial session so that we can understand your preferences better and create the perfect Korean bridal look for you! Client's satisfaction is our number one priority, because every client’s wedding day is extremely important to us! 

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