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Tips for Singapore Brides: Do ampoules make your makeup last longer?

Ladyy Claire Makeup will either use an effective soothing mask of our choice or a suitable hydrating ampoule to prep skin prior to applying makeup on our bridal clients, which will depend after the artist’s assessment of the skin condition. 

Several clients have enquired about ampoules to be provided as they have heard that it helps makeup to stay on longer. Today we are finally here to debunk the myth. We hate to be the barrier of bad news but this is untrue!

While we provide lightweight ampoules that are suitable for our sensitive skin clients, ampoules are only known to provide a supercharged boost of hydration to your skin. Indeed, hydrated skin allows for better application of makeup. However, hydrated skin does not happen in one day, and definitely not from just a one-time application of ampoules.

Long-lasting makeup is made through good makeup application techniques. Such as applying thinner & tighter layers to help adherence. (Which makeup artists at Ladyy Claire Makeup do!)

While hydrated skin helps makeup stay longer, we recommend that you maintain hydration within your skin consistently, and if you have not, it’s not too late to start making sure your skin has a good amount of hydration daily from your skincare products and of course, drink plenty of water.

Mask every day, hydrate yourselves and introduce effective skincare products into your daily routine! You will definitely see the difference during your big day’s bridal makeover, that makeup adheres and sticks better onto the skin, and your skin is much brighter and smoother, giving it an overall more flawless result! 😊

Ladyy Claire Makeup prides ourselves on taking care of sensitive skinned brides, and listens to your skin and makeup concerns prior to your big day. Rest assured that we will be well prepared for all your skin and makeup needs on your bridal makeover day! 

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